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The Wellerman Comes

nach einem traditionellen Shanty aus Neuseeland - Kleine Blasmusik (Holzbläserquintett +)

Gruppo musicale: orchestra di fiati
Edizione: Partitura e voci
disponibile | sarà spedito in 3-4 giorni lavorativi

Limite: Pezzo

non disponibile in tutti i paesi.

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Revisore: Lars Ericsen
Casa editrice: Musikverlag Rundel
Numero dell'ordine: MVSR5619
Pubblicazione: 01.04.2021
Dimensioni: 297x210 mm


Playing music in small ensembles is the most original form of wind music and is currently gaining more and more importance. Ensemble musicians can work on important skills such as intonation, team playing, balancing - and express their joy of playing music straight with the audience.

The new small band series 'RUNDELs Kleine Blasmusik' (Rundels Little Wind Music) therefore offers fascinating possibilities for groups who want to play traditional wind music such as marches, polkas or waltzes.

Traditional wind band music for entertainment and dancing was played with woodwinds even before the valves for brass instruments were introduced (early 19th century). Nowadays, the large woodwind section of a band, with its enormous sound and tone range and its diverse, soft timbre, is excellent for further revivinig this valuable tradition.

The concept 'woodwind quintet + (plus)' enables an expansion of the five-part basic instrumentation with a 6th part for clarinet, alto clarinet, alto saxophone, drums and accordion / guitar, as well as accompanying parts for clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, trombone, tenor horn or French horn.

In addition to a clear score, the music set contains an extensive set of parts and transposed parts. Thus, a huge variety of flexible instrumentation is possible.

'RUNDELs Little Wind Music' (RUNDELs Kleine Blasmusik) - a new series with lots of ideas and possibilities!

Instrumentation / Music Set Woodwind Quintet


Part 1 C: Flute

Part 1 Eb: Clarinet

Part 1 Bb: Clarinet

Part 2 Bb: Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone

Part 2 C: Oboe

Part 3 Bb: Clarinet

Part 3 Eb: Alto Clarinet, Alto Saxophone

Part 4 Bb / Eb: Bb Clarinet, Eb Alto Clarinet

Part 4 Bb: Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet

Part 4 C: Bassoon

Part 5 C / Bb: Bassoon, Bass Clarinet

Part 5 Eb: Baritone Saxophone

opt. Additional Parts (Woodwind Quintet +)

Part 6 Bb: Clarinet

Part 6 Eb: Alto Clarinet, Alto Saxophone

C / Bb Parts 1 / 2 (Accompaniment)

F / Eb Parts 1 / 2 (Accompaniment)

Bb 8vb Parts 1 / 2 Clarinet (Accompaniment)


Accordion / Acoustic Guitar



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