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Sven van Calster

Where Eagles Fly

Gruppo musicale: orchestra di fiati
Edizione: Partitura e voci
Componitore: Sven van Calster
disponible | sera expédié dans 3-5 jours ouvrables

Limite: Pezzo

non disponibile in tutti i paesi.

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Casa editrice: Tierolff Musikverlag
Numero dell'ordine: TRL100220HA
Lingua: tedesco, inglese, francese, olandese
Pubblicazione: 01.07.2019
Durata: 9:30 min


Where Eagles Fly is a cinematic tone poem by Belgian composer Sven Van Calster. Inspired by a documentary about eagles and other large birds of prey, the composer evokes the hunting grounds of these animals. Eagles were and are often used as symbols by countries because they radiate power, beauty and independence.

With their broad wings, sturdy beaks, and sharp claws they often fly very high. They look for prey in mountain ranges and vast forests. Once they spot a target they descend quickly to grab their prey just above the ground.

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