Georg Kreisler

5 Bagatelles

Gruppo musicale: pianoforte
Edizione: Spartito
Componitore: Georg Kreisler
sarà spedito in 3-4 giorni lavorativi

Limite: Pezzo

Metti negli appunti


Casa editrice: Schott Musik
Numero dell'ordine: ED21096
ISMN: 9790001177207
Editore: Sherri Jones
Durata: 00:12:00 min
Peso: 132 g
Dimensioni: 230x305 mm


What do these bagatelles want, what are they supposed to do? As a matter of fact, only that they are played as well as possible and that they are listened to as well as possible. They want to be good music, they want to amuse both the pianist and the listener and carry them away from everyday life, they are a shared experience. However, the pianist has to practise them first and the listener not, which is unfair. On the other hand, the listener does not get any applause, but the pianist does - so it evens out.'

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