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Songs for Freedom

16 Beautiful Tunes For Tolerance And Peace

Gruppo musicale: pianoforte
Edizione: Spartiti e CD
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Revisore: Carsten Gerlitz
Casa editrice: Schott Musik
Numero dell'ordine: ED22823
ISMN: 9790001166225
ISBN: 9783795712563
Peso: 297 g
Pagine: 72


The desire for peace and the horrors of war have inspired composers and songwriters throughout the ages. Protest songs, peace hymns ... songs for a better world, for a conflict-free coexistence! The new edition of the Schott Piano Lounge series takes on this topic in a contemporary and more topical way than ever and contains a collection of very different pieces: from folk and church songs, singer-songwriters and flower power hits to original hits and the music of Pink Floyd , ABBA, Nena and of course John Lennon's Imagine. All of them peace songs and all in new, lounge-like piano arrangements by Carsten Gerlitz. In addition to the light arrangements, the booklet comes with a CD on which all the pieces were recorded by the author himself. If you do not find your personal peace while practicing, you can hear how it could and should sound here. The 16 Songs for Freedom will ensure a pleasantly peaceful sound atmosphere, guaranteed! Pop ballads with depth. Lounge harmonies for world harmony ... Give peace a chance!

Indice dei contenuti:

Heal The World
We Shall Overcome
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Over The Rainbow
Wozu sind Kriege da?
99 Luftballons
Amazing Grace
Blowin' In The Wind
Ein bisschen Frieden
Die Gedanken sind frei
Give Peace A Chance
Dona nobis pacem
Wind of Change
What A Wonderful World

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