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Peter Morscheck, Burgmann

Morscheck & Burgmann meet O'Carolan (and his Fairy Tunes)

20 immortal melodies by Turlough O'Carolan arranged for 2 guitars

Gruppo musicale: Duetto di chitarre
Edizione: Spartiti e CD
Componitore: Peter Morscheck, Burgmann
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Limite: Pezzo

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Casa editrice: AMA Verlag
Numero dell'ordine: AMA610495
ISMN: 9790501551798
ISBN: 9783899222234
Lingua: tedesco
Peso: 280 g
Dimensioni: 230x305 mm
Pagine: 64


Composer O'Carolan (1670-1738) seems to know, feel and imagine more than the seeing can; talents one frequently encounters in blind people, as Ireland's great author Yeats once wrote. O'Carolan's melodies possess such beauty that they are literally not from this world, or so they say in Ireland. Through the centuries the rumor has been spread that O'Carolan spent his nights beneath thorn bushes where the fairies sang to him the undying melodies that he performed on his harp the next day - a rumor that we unquestioningly believe to be true.

As only Turlough O'Carolan's melodies are contained in the book and the accompaniments are not notated, arrangers are afforded a great degree of freedom here. In order to differentiate between the melody and its accompaniment, we have borrowed terms common to classical music. O'Carolan is the dux (the leader), Morscheck & Burgmann are the comes (the accompanist) ? and we do it with great dedication.

Indice dei contenuti:

Planxty Irwin
Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady
Eleanor Plunkett
Fanny Power
Planxty Browne
All Alive
Princess Royal
Planxty Kelly
George Brabazon
Sheebeg & Sheemore
John Drury
Dr. Stafford
The Lamentation Of Owen Roe O'Neill
Lord Inchiquin
Miss MacMurray
Constantine Maguire
Planxty Drew
John Kelly
Frank Palmer

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