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Frédéric Chopin


Gruppo musicale: pianoforte
Edizione: Spartito (Urtext)
Componitore: Frédéric Chopin
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Casa editrice: Henle Verlag
Numero dell'ordine: HN131
ISMN: 9790201801315
Editore: Ewald Zimmermann
Pubblicazione: 15.07.2002
Peso: 435 g
Pagine: 112


Chopin revolutionized the etude - but he ennobled the waltz. He spent much time on this genre throughout his life and created a wide spectrum of forms, from virtuosic showpieces - the Grandes Valses Brillantes - to deeply melancholic atmospheric pictures. All these works have one thing in common: one cannot and should not dance to them! Our volume contains all of the waltzes that were published during Chopin's lifetime, or posthumously, including popular masterpieces such as the so-called 'Minute Waltz? (op. 64 no. 1). In cases where two authentic versions of the same waltz have been transmitted, we naturally give the Urtext of both versions.

Indice dei contenuti:

Walzer [Grande Valse brillante] Es-dur op. 18
Walzer As-dur op. 34,1
Walzer a-moll op. 34,2
Walzer F-dur op. 34,3
Walzer As-dur op. 42
Walzer [Minuten] Des-dur op. 64,1
Walzer cis-moll op. 64,2
Walzer As-dur op. 64,3
Walzer (in zwei Fassungen) As-dur op. post. 69,1
Walzer (in zwei Fassungen) h-moll op. post. 69,2
Walzer (in zwei Fassungen) Ges-dur op. post. 70,1
Walzer f-moll, As-dur (in zwei Fassungen) op. post. 70,2
Walzer Des-dur op. post. 70,3
Walzer As-dur KK IVa,13
Walzer E-dur KK IVa,12
Walzer e-moll KK IVa,15
Anhang: Walzer Es-dur KK IVa,14
Anhang: Walzer Es-dur KK IVb,10
Walzer a-moll KK IVb,11

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