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Balafon Beat

Exercises and Pieces for Balafon

Gruppo musicale: percussioni
Edizione: Spartito
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Casa editrice: Musikverlag Zimmermann
Numero dell'ordine: ZM33800
ISMN: 9790010338002
Lingua: tedesco, inglese, francese
Pubblicazione: 01.01.2001
Peso: 320 g
Dimensioni: 305x230 mm


The book comprises three complementary parts: the compositions for mallet players plus an accompanying percussion ensemble, a chapter with exercises preceding balafon play and an instruction for body percussion in order to extend one's rhythmic perception. Those exercises were inspired by an African balafon technique which is called 'Two-Way-Coordination' , i.e. one hand plays the ostinato while the other hand plays the melody or a solo. All exercises can also be transferred to marimba, xylophone, vibraphone and even to timpani or drumset. Those melodies, themes, motifs, breaks and arrangements are deeply rooted in the traditional music, in jazz or pop and rock music.

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